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Signing day is here

Ask any coach what the life-blood of their program is and you're most likely going to hear recruiting. The success of a school on the football field ultimately ends with the players that play on that field, so for every program at this level, the future lies within each player who signs to play football at their school. If those players do not pan out, it's very likely the coaches who recruited them will be out of a job rather quickly. 

So every move, every player signed not only has a direct impact for the program, but for the future of a coaching staff. Kyle Whittingham and his assistants know that and for all the success the Utes have seen over the years, it begins with days like this. Is this class going to be capable of doing what past Utah recruiting classes have done recently? Well only time will tell, but on paper, it is definitely looking like the best class in Utah football history. 

Stay tuned throughout the day for updates on each player and the impact they may have on the future. 

And hopefully it's a good one.