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Mountain West Tournament Day 2

The first day saw Air Force upset Colorado State in the play-in game, setting up a match between BYU. That means all the first round games will be identical to the final day of the regular season, quite an oddity if you ask me. 

Utah plays TCU tonight at 7:00 and the game can be viewed on the mtn (HD, finally). The winner of this game will play the winner of New Mexico-Wyoming (the late tip, 9:30 Salt Lake time). That game can be viewed on the mtn as well. 

Unfortunately, I haven't had time to really write a preview for TCU, but let's just say this should be a victory. Utah has defeated the Frogs twice this season and the last game wasn't really all that close. However, this is the time where upsets abound, so hopefully Utah isn't caught in that trap and can advance to the semifinals, maybe bolstering their tournament seeding. 

If you want to follow the action, you can do so here, as this little widget updates you on all the action as it happens. Isn't technology great? 

Anyway, GO UTES!