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What they're saying about Utah...

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Is this going to be the Sugar Bowl Part II? 

BETTER DAYS AHEAD? Six coaches who could make a name this year

• Jim Boylen, Utah. The Utes rallied after being embarrassed by Southwest Baptist in their opener. They came back and beat Gonzaga and LSU during the season. - Dick Vitale 

9. Utah didn’t get a lot of press during the regular season, but watch out for Jim Boylen’s team in the Big Dance. The Utes have wins over Gonzaga, LSU and BYU on their résumé and are coming off a two-point win over San Diego State for the Mountain West Tournament championship. - Josh Herwitt

Upset special: No. 12 Arizona over No. 5 Utah — The Wildcats were the final at-large team to get into the field and in doing so, they extended their streak of consecutive tournament appearances to 25. Arizona, with interim coach Russ Pennell, has an answer for Utes big man Luke Nevill in athletic 6-10 junior Jordan Hill. - Jeff Goodman

Arizona extended its streak to 25 straight appearances in the tourney, as the Wildcats were given a No. 12 seed in the Midwest with a first-round game against WAC (WTF?) winner Utah. That contest will be Friday in Miami. - The Sports Network

Possible first-round upsets (meaning a lower seed beating a higher seed ... that even includes a 9 beating an 8: Arizona over Utah - Joe Sullivan

Arizona over Utah: Mark my words…Arizona is the most dangerous team in the tournament. The Wildcats have had a down year and barely made it in the field of 64. BUT don’t let that record fool you, Utah has their hands full with Jordan Hill, Chase Budinger, and Nic Wise. Arizona’s three-headed attack averages a total of 50 points per game and along with Jamelle Horne the Wildcats are ready to show the country they belong in the NCAA Tournament. - Christian Grant-Fields

And Arizona, which doesn’t belong, will lose to Utah, which does. - Mark Bradley

So, it looks like a few think Utah will win, but most are going with this game as their trendy 5/12 upset pick. Let's prove 'em wrong, Utah!