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CHOKE! Utes upset by Arizona in ugly, turnover plagued performance

I don't know what to say. Honestly, I really didn't believe the media bullshit about Utah being upset in the first round by an Arizona team that obviously didn't belong and you know what? They were right, I was wrong. Arizona not only beat Utah, but they showed neither team really deserved to be in this year's tournament, as the Wildcats advanced with an ugly 84-71 victory over the embarrassed and lifeless Utes. 

That's all I really want to say right now. Congrats to the Wildcats, who clearly outplayed and outcoached the Utes. They had a gameplan to press the Utes and create turnovers and Utah could not figure the damn thing out. Unfortunately, when the Utes eventually got back into the game, they spent all their energy and had nothing left. So is the life. One and done, it sucks, it hurts and it's not what we expected, but we were fooling ourselves if we actually thought this team was capable of any type of tournament run. Of course, I was one of those fools who felt it possible to make it to the second round. How dumb do I look now? 

What gets me the most is that now every media hack who picked against the Utes will be vindicated. All week we heard Arizona didn't belong -- but they're still going to beat Utah. That's like the ugliest, fattest and easiest chick in high school -- you know the one who's been in more beds than a Serta Mattress -- turning you down. Ouch. And wasn't Boylen supposed to use that as motivation? Weren't we supposed to be playing with a chip on our shoulder? It sure didn't look like it, as Arizona dictated the pace from start to finish and Utah couldn't do squat. 

Oh well. When does football start?