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Utes eliminate Georgia Southern & Gonzaga in baseball tournament

Utah's making the most of their first NCAA baseball tournament since 1960. After getting embarrassed in their first game of postseason play, the Utes have bounced back with two huge wins against Georgia Southern and Gonzaga, staying alive for at least another. So the team that by all accounts shouldn't be here now advances and will face Cal State Fullerton -- again -- in a must-win contest tonight. 

If the Utes win this game and force game seven, which is scheduled for tomorrow, it would put them only a win away from the Super Regionals.

Utah will have to quickly figure Cal State Fullerton out if they have any hope of getting another game against the Titans, though. And it's not going to be easy, as they're one of the best teams in the nation this year, but as Utah has shown this season, you can't ever discount their chances. 

Tonight's game against Fullerton begins at 7:10 Salt Lake time.

Go Utes!