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Utes baseball season ends at the hands of Cal State Fullerton

Obviously I'm late to the game here and I apologize for that. It's definitely not something I meant to do, but I've been busy. 

What's unfortunate is that with the baseball team now officially done, there won't be much to report on until August. I hate summer. Ok not really, but this is the worst time for college football fans. 

Anyway, the Ute baseball team ended their improbable run a few days ago with another loss to Cal State Fullerton. It wasn't a surprise, since Utah had lost to them at the start of the tournament, but still tough to see the school lose. With that said, this season was amazing and not one any expected, especially since Utah just isn't a baseball school. It never has been. Which makes what we saw that much more awesome and I say soak it up, because you're probably not going to see it again. 

The down side is that I'm not a baseball fan. I used to be back when I was younger, but lost interest in the game the more I began following basketball and football. So I can't say that I was all that depressed with their loss. I wasn't. It would have been nice to see them succeed and advance to the Super Regionals, but it's just not a sport I get emotionally involved in and probably never will. So that's why I didn't follow the season or the tournament as well as I should have. That's my fault, but I don't think there is much of a market for Utah baseball coverage anyway, so I'm not going to lose sleep over it. 

I'm rambling here, so I'm going to close this up. It was a very successful year for Utah athletics and my hope is that it carries over into next year. Now while I doubt we'll see the same heights, it doesn't mean we still can't or won't enjoy it. 

So when does August get here?