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Utes getting some good publicity with release of NCAA Football 2010

NCAA 2010 sporting Utah flair
NCAA 2010 sporting Utah flair

Whether you're a video game fan or not, you can't help but get excited over the publicity Utah football is currently receiving with the release of EA Sports NCAA Football 2010.

Of course, much of this is due to Brian Johnson being on the cover of the PS3 version (if you own a PS3 and haven't picked up a copy, do so now). 

But beyond that, it's a really good game. Now I haven't played much of it yet, but from what I've seen, it's the best NCAA Football game yet. 

It's also nice seeing Coach Whitt's face when you're calling plays and of course, Brian Johnson when you're first turning on the game.

The official website for the game also is pimpin' out the Utes with not just one Utah image, but two. 

Eat your heart out, Cougars!