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Meyer doesn't think Utah in 2004 or 2008 could handle the SEC grind

He straddles the fence pretty well when it comes to talking about Utah's beef with the BCS, but I think he's made his opinion on this quite clear.

"They're doing what they are supposed to do and fighting for the team in state and I can't argue with that," Meyer said. "That Utah team this year and the Utah team we had in '04 -- I don't think they can survive the grind of the SEC, but there are other conferences out there who can't survive the grind, either.

Isn't that nice. Utah is doing what they're supposed to do, but when you get down to it, their claim just doesn't work because they could never handle the mighty SEC. 

Maybe they wouldn't go undefeated, but that didn't matter for Florida in all three of their championships, right? 

Even the Gators can't handle the grind of the SEC, apparently, but no one dare question their claim to the title. 

What's more, does anyone really think Utah would have done worse than Florida with this schedule last year:

@ Tennessee
@ Arkansas
@ Vanderbilt
South Carolina
@ Florida State

Outside of Florida State, there were zero tough road games for the Gators. Tennessee was crap last year, Arkansas was mediocre and Vanderbilt is still Vanderbilt.

Imagine if Utah only had four road games in 2008 instead of their six. 

Yeah, exactly.

It's unfortunate Urban Meyer forgets what he was battling four years ago.