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Pitt to play Utes at RES in 2010

Update: It appears Lassiter's Tweet has been un-tweeted. Whatever that means. Maybe he let the cat out of the bag too soon?

Big news from Zack Lassiter's Twitter account, as he's reporting the Utes are close to signing Pitt to a home and home. The deal will begin next season with the Panthers traveling to Salt Lake with a return date unknown at this point.

Firstly, we all remember Pitt from the 2005 Fiesta Bowl. This would be an awesome rematch against a Big East team -- specifically since the first game will be played here in Salt Lake.

Secondly, as a follow up on that last point, 2010 is supposed to be a year similar to 2008. Getting Pitt, along with a road game against Notre Dame, could establish the type of schedule Utah needs to make noise next season. 

This is what 2010's OOC schedule looks like right now for the Utes: 


@ Iowa State

San Jose State

@ Notre Dame

That's three BCS games, with two on the road and one at home, along with a fairly easy home contest against San Jose State. 

I don't want to look beyond 2009, because I expect good things, but damn, that season could set up something really special. Especially if Notre Dame is at its top form when the two meet.