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Schedule like Nebraska! Or another way the BCS sticks it to Utah

That's what University of Nebraska at Lincoln Chancellor Harvey Perlman said during Tuesday's BCS hearings.

Well damn, why didn't Chris Hill and Kyle Whittingham think of that? 

There you go, folks. It's that simple. Schedule like Nebraska and you can go undefeated. 

Glad we got that out of the way. 

So I'm guessing now that this is established, the Cornhuskers will be making a trip to Salt Lake City in a couple of years? 

Eh, probably not.

Yup, if it were that easy, don't you think Utah would've already done it?


So Mr. Perlman, it isn't that easy. I know your intent was to boil down an entire argument to a cute five-second talking point, but we're not that naive. 

You see, the Utes can't just schedule like Nebraska. It isn't that easy because teams like Nebraska won't even play them. 

Oh sure, you might be lucky to get a game against them in Lincoln, but you'd have an easier time finding caffeine in Provo than convincing the Cornhuskers to play in Salt Lake. 

It just ain't going to happen.

And Nebraska isn't alone, folks. Why do you think Michigan was a one-and-done? Because the Wolverines have no interest in coming to Salt Lake. 

Does Nebraska play all its tough BCS games on the road? I don't think so.

Which means even if Utah tried to schedule like Nebraska, they wouldn't have the luxuries Mr. Perlman's school currently has. 

But what exactly does schedule like Nebraska mean? 

Play Florida Atlantic, Arkansas State and Louisiana-Lafayette? Because that's who the Cornhuskers are playing this season.

That's an awesome schedule you have up there in Lincoln, Mr. Perlman.

Or do you mean conference games -- which Nebraska has no control over? 

Well fine. Mr. Perlman, let's see how influential you really are. Throw your weight around and get the Sooners to play a home/away game with the Utes.

I'm sure if Chris Hill and Kyle Whittingham had that option, they'd pounce.

Bob Stoops? Probably not.

The fact is, Utah is between a rock and a hard place right now. 

The Big Schools complain Utah doesn't play a tough enough schedule to warrant any national championship discussion. But if Utah tried to get Florida or USC or Oklahoma to play in Salt Lake, they'd probably fail.

So Utah's only hope of getting a shot at the Big Boys is if they go on the road, which no matter how good you are, leaves you at a huge disadvantage. 

BCS teams, though, don't have that problem. So not only do they get the benefit of the doubt for their perceived tough conference schedules, they also get the benefit of the doubt for passing on big games for the likes of Louisiana-Monroe.

Utah, though? It's all or nothing. Unfortunately, they'll never have it all in the BCS' eyes.