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When football is fifth on your list...well, this happens

Honestly, I don't know quite what to make of this. Seriously. Every year, BYU seems to one up itself in the weird department.

In 2005, you had the slip-n-slide. 

In 2008, the players went tubing. 

Now there is this. 

What the...?


This appropriately named Stooge Kick


This makes us look tough, right?


Wait, where're the chicks, man? You said there'd be chicks!


You know what would be cool and awesome? If we all jumped into the pool with our clothes on!

Props to Regal Ute over at utefans for finding this.

Seriously, guys, they make it too easy.

Oh and for those wondering, in the above photos are BYU quarterback Max Hall, TE Dennis Pitta and former WR Austin Collie.