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BlogPoll Preseason Ballot

Well the BlogPoll is back and my first ballot is due by Monday morning, so who knows if I have enough time to get any feedback. 

This is just the preseason and I'm sure I've overrated teams and underrated others. I don't like preseason polls, but I really don't have much choice (ok, I guess I could protest, but eh). So basically, I just rated teams based on how good I thought they were entering the season. But even that is subjective.

Anyway, let me know what you think.

Rank Team
1 Florida
2 Oklahoma
3 Texas
4 Southern Cal
5 Alabama
6 Ohio State
7 Penn State
8 Virginia Tech
10 Mississippi
11 Oklahoma State
12 California
13 Oregon
14 Georgia
15 Georgia Tech
16 TCU
17 Boise State
18 Utah
19 Brigham Young
20 Florida State
21 North Carolina
22 Iowa
23 Nebraska
24 Oregon State
25 Kansas


I think once you get beyond the top-15, it's all a logjam and you can really make the case for any of those teams being rated higher or lower than their actual spot.