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SB Nation Mountain West Conference preview

Block U, along with the Mountain West Connection, Vanquish The Foe (BYU) and Mid Major Madness, put together a pretty solid 2009 preview of the conference.

TCU was pegged the favorite to win the conference, with BYU and Utah rounding out the top-three. For full disclosure, I actually have Utah, TCU and BYU finishing tied at the top at 7-1 - with BYU beating TCU and losing to Utah and the Utes beating the Cougars and losing to TCU. Of course, it's possible one of those three (maybe more) is upset against a lesser team.

With that out of the way, I actually haven't asked on the blog what you think the conference will look like in November. Now instead of asking you to predict the entire standings (I don't think it really matters outside of the top-three), we'll just stick with the potential finishes for Utah, BYU and TCU.

Let me know how you see it all going down.