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The Morning Blitz: Daily Utah links

Tomorrow marks the official start to game day week and since it's a Thursday contest, it'll be a shorter period of wait for Ute fans. Think of it as celebrating Christmas on the 23rd - a whole two days earlier than the rest of your friends! 

Then we get to sit back and relax, watching Saturday action from sun up to sun down, digesting a day of football without any worry toward our Utes. 


Anyway, not much news to report, though Utah seems to be getting more and more healthy as we inch closer to Thursday. Hopefully by gameday, everyone will be good to go.

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There are two articles in the Des News and Trib focusing on Utah's great decade. It's hard to imagine the Utes ushered in this decade  with a pathetic 4-7 record and enter the final season of it on the heels of going 13-0. 

What a turn around!