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Utes to return to more true spread option under Schramm

Music to our ears?

Not to say Andy Ludwig was a bad OC, he wasn't, but I can't help but feel Schramm is moving the program a bit further on the offensive side than Ludwig ever could - and that's without even coaching in a game. 

They're also working at a faster tempo than before, even though their past play wasn't exactly slow. The Utes averaged 70.2 plays per game in 2008, running a total of 913 plays compared to just 824 for their opponents."We'd like to get in more than 70-80 snaps," Whittingham said.That thought is just fine with quarterback Corbin Louks, who is one of the quickest players on the team and uses the no-huddle offense to his advantage."I love the tempo," he said. "We have all kinds we can use, six different kinds we can change things with."Louks was clocked at 4.42 in the 40 two years ago, but wasn't timed in the last go around, not that he is concerned with his number."I'm just going to stay consistent in the passing game and let my feet keep me out of trouble," he said.

This intrigues me the most, because I thought Utah's offense from 2005-08 had a tendency to just chug along. 

We'll see how this develops throughout the rest of fall camp and most importantly, at the start of the season. But if Schramm is true to his word, I expect an exciting offense from Utah this season.