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Mountain West Conference week one power rankings

As we move to week two, the climate has changed a lot. BYU's victory over Oklahoma has made them the favorites to not only win the conference, but run the table. The pressure is on and it'll be interesting to see how they handle it. They faced a similar situation prior to TCU last year and folded rather quickly. 

But maybe this team has grown? We'll find out soon enough (probably by week three, when they host Florida St. ).

Team of the Week: BYU. Is this one really up for debate? The Cougars might not have looked all that great in their victory over the Sam Bradford-less Sooners, but a win is a win and any time you beat a no. three team on the road is cause for some serious celebration. 

Team of the Weak: New Mexico. It's too soon to second guess the firing of Rocky Long, but a few more performances like Saturday and Lobo Nation might be clamoring for a return.

Week One Rankings
Rank Team Comments
1 The Cougars did what few expected - walked into Texas and defeated the heavily favored Sooners. Sure, OU spent the entire second half without their Heisman winning quarterback, but that shouldn't undercut the entire performance for Max Hall and BYU. They stepped up, did what they needed to do and walked away with the biggest win the school has seen since defeating #1 Miami in 1990. This week shouldn't offer them any challenge, as they travel to take on a rather unimpressive Tulane team.
2 The Utes did what they needed to do with their victory over Utah State and this week it doesn't get much harder. As I've said over the course of the past week, it's really hard to tell where Utah currently is in the entire scheme of things and we won't really get an idea for another week. But for now, I can't justify dropping them after a win - especially since the Frogs didn't play last week.
3 Ok, so I lied. I said TCU wouldn't drop after their bye, but they did. When you don't play and the team behind you defeats the third ranked program in the nation, you can't justify not dropping. But they can make some noise with an impressive win over Virginia - which should be expected, since the Cavs look horrible this season.
4 Colorado State might not end up as the fourth-best team in the conference, but they sure looked it Sunday night after really blowing through Colorado on the road. It was a huge victory for the Rams and signals maybe their rebuilding year on offense under Steve Fairchild won't be as rocky as first thought.They won't get much of a test this week as they host Weber State.
5 The Falcons looked damn good on offense against an over-matched foe. How much of that was just the opponent, though? We'll find out how real they are this week when they travel to Minnesota to take on a Gophers team opening  their new stadium.
6 Not exactly the performance many expected from UNLV after the hype they received entering the season. To only be up 17-3 on Sacramento State entering the fourth is pretty inexcusable. Of course, it was just the first game of the season, but they'll have to clean things up if they're going to upset Oregon State this week. If they don't, it could be an ugly loss.


7 The Aztecs might be making progress, but they're still not very good. They did hang with UCLA for a bit Saturday, however, the end result was very similar to what we've seen over the last decade from San Diego State - a loss. This week is easier as they host Southern Utah.
8 Wyoming didn't look all too impressive against Weber, but they did manage to not lose and that was a good step, I guess, in the right direction. This week is their big game of the season - as Texas comes to Laramie. Will the Pokes pull off a stunner? Probably not. But if they make it a game, it could suggest things are moving along up there.

What do you think?