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Utah-San Jose State Gameday Open Thread

Next Game

What to expect when Utah has the ball: San Jose State's rush defense looked like swiss cheese against USC last Saturday and because of that, I expect Utah to really rely on Matt Asiata and the running game tonight. With this being Terrance Cain's first road start, I do expect them to be a bit cautious and not overstretch his ability. Of course, this also could provide both Cain and the offense an opportunity to establish itself prior to a huge game next Saturday.

What to expect when San Jose State has the ball: The Spartans have what they feel is a potential solid back in Patrick Perry. Unfortunately, he was abysmal against USC last week and if their offense is going to find any consistency tonight, he needs to step up. They run a two-quarterback system there. Kyle Reed and Jordan La Secla are interchangeable - but their offense is pretty conservative. Don't expect either to test Utah's secondary too much unless San Jose State find themselves down big early. So they should stick more to a ground game and try to wear down the Utes.

How Utah wins: Much like last week, don't overlook the opponent. The Spartans are better than Utah State (or should be, anyway), so it could be a bit more difficult of a game. With that said, the talent gap between these two programs is dramatic and there is no legitimate excuse - outside of injury - for the Utes to lose a game like this.

Lucky G. O'Utes is ready for a long day of college football action.


I see victory in sight for me Utah Utes tonight

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