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Grade the SJSU game

You know what? I'm not even sure I want to see the response to this one. I love wins. But I love them even more when they're actually fun victories.

This wasn't fun. It was a chore.

Not only was the coverage horrible (I felt like I was watching a replay of some rural high school football game on the town's very own Channel 69), but the performance was nearly as bad. Thankfully San Jose State sucks or this would've been an epic loss. Seriously, we came extremely close to blowing our nation-leading winning streak to San Jose Freaking State.

Ugh. Could you imagine that?

But we didn't. And that is a good thing. When you win ugly, you get the hell out of dodge and fix what didn't work without taking a hit in the standings. Utah is still 2-0. They still have their winning streak. They're still theoretically in the BCS hunt (but let's be honest, that's not happening). So for that, I am grateful.

That performance, however, showed me just how ungrateful I can be. It's a win, but I wanted so much more from the Utes.

Oh well, on to next week and a much tougher opponent.