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Mountain West Conference week two power rankings

It's still unclear who the best team in the conference is and I'm not so sure we'll know after this week. However, we might start getting an idea as both Utah & BYU play BCS opponents.

Team of the Week: TCU. It's always impressive when you go on the road and dominate a BCS foe. Of course, Virginia is terrible and might be one of the worst teams on the Frogs' schedule. However, they did have a bye week to start the season and yet, even with that delay, they didn't look all that rusty.

Team of the Weak: New Mexico. For the second straight week, the Lobos put out the worst performance for the conference. They almost lucked out with Colorado State's near-loss to Weber State, but it didn't materialize. With their second consecutive blowout - this time at home to Tulsa - you've got to wonder if they'll win more than two games this season. 

Week Two Rankings
Rank Team Comments
1 It took a bit for BYU to wake up against Tulane, but once they did, the game was never close. It's hard to judge the Cougars on this one win, since the Green Wave may be one of the worst teams in football this season, but they avoided the dreaded trap game after beating OU. So that's got to count for something. This week gets harder with Florida State coming to Provo. Yet you can't help but think that game lost some of its luster after the Seminoles were beat by Miami in week one and nearly lost to FCS Jacksonville State last Saturday.
2 TCU opened the season with an impressive victory over what may be one of the worst BCS teams in the country. It's a good start, but they still have a lot to prove. Unfortunately, that won't come this week - they host FCS Texas State.
3 It was a lackluster performance over a fairly unimpressive San Jose State team, but Utah won. They'll need to play a lot better this week if they're going to beat Oregon on the road. A win there might possibly get Utah back into the BCS talks. We'll see, though. 
4 The Rebels move up after a loss because it was to a top-25 team in the final seconds of the game. They should have won. That and the rest of the teams below them looked rather mediocre in either victory or defeat. UNLV hosts Hawaii this Saturday and should be able to push their record to 2-1. A fast start is needed if they're going to contend for a bowl berth.
5 Air Force stayed with Minnesota for much of the game, but could never really push further than that. It was a tough loss for a game that was so winnable and suggests maybe the Falcons might struggle a bit this season. This week they play New Mexico on the road, which is pretty much a must-win if they're going to have any hope of playing in a bowl game this season.

Colorado State looked so good in their opener against Colorado and then so bad last week against Weber State. They did win, but after the Buffs got destroyed against Toledo, maybe the Rams aren't as good as first thought. 

7 Nothing cures early season struggles like a bad FCS team. It wasn't a great victory, but for Brady Hoke, it's about baby steps and a win is a win. Things aren't much harder this week, as they travel up to Idaho to take on the Vandals.
8 If only the Wyoming-Texas game had ended at the half. The Cowboys would've still lost, but it would've been the most impressive loss of the season by any team in the country. Of course, it didn't and because of that, Wyoming lost in a blowout. This week the Cowboys take on Colorado - a much easier Big 12 opponent. Yet it might be too much to expect, or hope, for a victory.


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