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The Morning Blitz: Daily Utah links

I'm not quite sure what to make of headlines like Can the Ducks upset Utah. Is that an indictment of Oregon or praise for Utah? 

Honestly, I do not know. But it isn't entirely bad any time people are giving you a legitimate shot on the road against a tough BCS team. Hopefully Utah doesn't throw away all this good will and instead turns it into a season-changing victory. 

Beyond what we've talked about, does this game have any impact on the potential Pac-Ten expansion debate? The Tribune discusses Utah's place in that conference today and a win here would certainly make the rounds. But does it change anything? We don't know if expansion will ever come, but if it does, the Utes' record against the Pac-Ten might play a role, don't you think?

Since 2000, Utah is 7-7 against the Pac-Ten. Not terrible, especially when you consider they're 6-2 over the last six seasons. Of course, those seven wins include victories over Arizona (2004, '05), Cal (2003), Oregon (2003), Oregon St. (2008), UCLA (2007) and USC (2001). Not a bad list, since every one of those teams, outside of Arizona, has won 10-games at least once this decade. 

Hopefully we're adding another win over Oregon to that list Saturday night.

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