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Utes lose for first time since 2007 in ugly game

I'm not really in the mood to talk about this game. It was a bad loss. I don't care if the Ducks are from the Pac-Ten or if the game was on the road. The way Oregon played leaves no excuses for a Utes defeat.

We'll get into that this week. We'll get into why this game showed us Utah's problems and why this season could be wrought with struggle. 

Hats off to the Ducks for not wilting when it looked like the Utes were going to take control of the game. Likewise, I'm glad Utah didn't give up when they fell behind 28-10. To come back and take the game into the fourth quarter shows that this team does have resolve and that's something they'll need if they're going to have a respectable 2009 season.

Unfortunately, this loss does two things. It knocks Utah out of the top-25 and ends their nation-leading winning streak. 

Hopefully they start a new one next Saturday against Louisville.