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The Morning Blitz: Daily Utah links

Prior to Oregon, I talked about how this game would tell us what we needed to know about the Utes. But did it really? I'm not so sure. In fact, it probably provided a bit more questions than answers and I'm not sure that is entirely a bad thing. 

I say this because there are certain types of losses. There are those losses that expose you. A game that brings to light your fundamental flaws that ultimately might not be resolved by the time the season finishes. I look at BYU's loss to Florida State and I can't help but think it fits this option. Then there are losses that should have been wins. That's what we saw Saturday with Utah.

I'd rather be in Utah's position right now than BYU's because I think they can fix the problems that plagued them Saturday and grow as a team. For the Cougars, they lost a lot with their defeat to the Seminoles. It's something that might not be corrected, especially when you realize it's the same issues on defense and with Max Hall that they saw last year. Because of this, the Utes left Eugene with a loss, but they also have room to improve. 

They're a young team with issues and I'm not trying to gloss over those issues. Yet I can't help but think everything will be all right. Maybe I'm just fooling myself here, but I didn't see anything disastrous about Saturday's loss. 

Of course, if these problems aren't corrected, then they will become disastrous and it will unravel their season. 

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