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Mountain West Conference week three power rankings

Who knows what to make of the current situation in the Mountain West. A week ago, BYU was poised to make a huge statement and fizzled on the national stage. Right now it appears the Mountain West is TCU's to lose, but even I don't feel secure enough to say that unequivocally. 

Team of the Week: Colorado State. It wasn't long ago many thought Nevada would contend with Boise State for a WAC crown and possibility a BCS berth. This was supposed to be their year and if that's the case, they certainly didn't show that potential Saturday in Fort Collins. The Rams easily beat the struggling Wolf Pack, improving their record to 3-0. Don't look now, but Colorado State currently has the longest win streak of any Mountain West team (6 in a row). 

Teams of the Weak: BYU & SDSU. Neither looked good. Both were defeated badly, though obviously the Cougars lost more Saturday than the Aztecs. However, I had to add them here because it's Idaho - arguably one of the worst teams in college football. In the long run, I think San Diego State gets a pass, but BYU won't. Not after last Saturday's debacle. 


Week Three Rankings
Rank Team Comments
1 TCU takes over the top spot after BYU's loss and their semi-decent victory over Texas State. But that ranking will be tested this week when they take on an improved Clemson team on the road. A win there just may establish them as the 2009 BCS busters. A loss, and it looks like the Mountain West will be sitting out the BCS this year.
2 I put Colorado State here because they're undefeated. Their resume isn't great, but they do own victories over a BCS team and what was thought to be the second-best WAC team. This week things get interesting as they go on the road to take on BYU. A victory there might suggest the Rams really are for real. But Provo isn't an easy place to win in, regardless of what Florida State did last week.
3 The Utes really are here by default. They didn't get blown out, at home, by an unranked team, but they didn't win, either. We'll see if they deserve to drop or rise this week as they take on Louisville.
4 What the hell happened in Provo? This was supposed to be another statement game for the Cougars and they not only lost, they were humiliated on their own field. The Seminoles are good - but not that good. It was, without a doubt, one of the biggest choke jobs in Mountain West history and a loss that can haunt a program for quite a while. Colorado State is pretty much a must-win for BYU or their season isn't only done, it's killed and buried.
5 The Falcons opened up conference play with an impressive win over an unimpressive opponent. This week should be just as easy with the struggling Aztecs coming to Colorado Springs.
6 It took all they had, but the Rebels defeated Hawaii. It wasn't pretty at times, but a win is a win and I'm sure Mike Sanford will take it. The Rebels are off to a decent start, but have yet to look really impressive and that has to be a concern. While Wyoming isn't very good, a road game in Laramie is never easy to win and if UNLV is going to get to bowl eligibility this year, this is a game they can't afford to lose.
7 I don't see much difference between Wyoming and San Diego State. Both are struggling and probably won't do much this season. But I'll put the Aztecs here because they weren't shut out. I don't think this week's game against the Falcons is winnable, which means they could drop.
8 I really didn't expect Wyoming to beat Colorado, even though the Buffs have struggled this season. But I did expect a better showing that what we got - a total shut out. It was an ugly loss and shows just how far Wyoming needs to come before they're considered a competitive program again. Luckily, they do have a winnable home game this week and I'm not sure there are many of those left on the schedule, so they better take advantage of it.
What do you think?