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Louisville-Utah Gameday Open Thread

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What to expect when Utah has the ball: With Utah really being banged up at the running back spot, Terrance Cain and the receivers are going to have to step up. The Utes will try to establish a run, but I think they might lean on the pass today with Matt Asiata and Eddie Wide both battling injuries.

What to expect when Louisville has the ball: Louisville's offense is a bit different than when the two teams met a couple years ago, so don't expect a ton of passing. Victor Anderson, the 2008 Big East Rookie of the Year, is a solid running back who'll test Utah's run defense. In their loss against Kentucky last week, Anderson rolled for 110-yards and a touchdown. So we should expect a run-dominated game plan again this week.

How Utah wins: Stop the run and find consistency on offense. That sounds so easy in words, but we saw last week how difficult it can really be. Louisville might not have the total amount of talent as the Ducks and this game is at home, but that doesn't mean the Utes can get away with the type of play we saw last week. If it's a repeat performance, not only will they lose, but they'll lose badly. If they clean up the offense and hunker down on defense, though, this is a game they should win.

Lucky G. O'Utes' dancin' didn't help the Utes for only the second time since he's been doing the jig. Hopefully he turns it around this week.


Me luck returns today with a Ute victor-ay

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