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Utes stretch winning streak to 15 with win over Aggies

Might not have been the greatest or prettiest win in Utah history, but the Utes took care of business tonight and beat an upstart Utah State team seeking to make a name for themselves.

I won't fully get into the game (that'll come later), but the Utes played about as well as I thought they would (I did pick them to win 35-13 and I was pretty much spot on). Terrance Cain, though, impressed me. He wasn't great, but I thought he'd struggle a bit more than he did.

If there is a surprise, it was the defense - though they played decent enough in the second half.

Ultimately, we knew things could be difficult for Utah and while it wasn't as good as I had hoped - it wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been.

So until I throw up a full recap, let's hear your thoughts. Grade the game and let me know what you thought.