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Utes 19th in week one BlogPoll

They dropped a spot after their win, while TCU rose to 16th and BYU shot up to 9th. Oregon, Utah's week three opponent, dropped out after losing to Boise State - who jumped 3 spots to 12. 

I don't agree with penalizing Utah and then bumping up TCU a spot or two after a bye, but it isn't a surprise. As I said earlier this week, the entire focus of the non-BCS has turned against Utah and is now on BYU and to a lesser extent, Boise State. Don't expect that to change until the Utes play Oregon, which could be a good statement game if they win. 

The Utes did continue receiving a first place vote, which came from the original source (a Penn State blog). I'm guessing this won't change until they lose. Right now, the spot where Utah is receiving the most votes is at 25th.

Like this week, I don't expect Utah to make much of a jump next week. A win over San Jose State won't turn many heads. Which means, Oregon will be their first true game to really push their ranking up. 

It's also the next possible loss (unless they lay an egg against the Spartans).