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Utes stomp Frogs to open conference play


Stability has returned!


Utah did something they've struggled to do all season - they actually beat a bad team. They not only beat 'em, they convincingly demolished 'em. It was by far the most impressive and complete victory of the season (yes, besting the wins over Illinois & LSU). I say this mostly because the Utes led nearly wire-to-wire and that is something rare for this season. 

Of course, it's just one win and I don't want to put too much into it. Especially with two brutal games coming up. But it's a start and that's all we wanted, right? We wanted Utah to put one foot forward in their quest to establish a fairly respectable rebuilding year. Winning games like this will do just that, even if they take a couple steps back against New Mexico and UNLV on the road.

What we saw, though, was a step in the right direction and that's the key for this season. The Utes aren't going to dominate and it's very unlikely they win the conference again. Right now, it's about respectability and taking care of business against the bad programs and hoping for a few surprises against the elite. 

We're closer to that goal with this win.