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Utes set to take on New Mexico & their 80s helmet hair coach Steve Alford




He has such perfect hair, doesn't he? 

Hell, I'd buy a house from him.


Tonight the Utes travel to Albuquerque to take on the now lifeless New Mexico Lobos. It was only a week ago they were riding high and looking primed for a dominant season. After two conference losses to two of the best teams in the Mountain West, though, things have changed. Instead, we're facing a typical New Mexico squad - run up a gaudy preseason record against poor to average teams at home and wilt when the chips are down. 

Unfortunately, they're probably pissed. And Colonel Helmet Hair is probably not going to tolerate his team starting conference play 0-3. A record that surely would kill any repeat title hopes for the Lobos. 

The Utes, though, just want to build some momentum after their easy victory over TCU Saturday. The Frogs were outmatched, outclassed, outgunned and out-whatever by a Utah team that has shockingly found some consistency after a disastrous start almost doomed them to the Worst Season In Utah Basketball History. 

That's still pending, of course, but things are looking on the up-and-up. A win over the Lobos in The Pit - a place Utah hasn't won in since the first Great Depression (okay, an exaggeration, but yeah...) would totally be the cherry on what has turned out to be a nice 2010 sundae. Mmm...2010 cherry sundae. 



Now I don't want to get too ahead of myself here. New Mexico is still the favorite tonight and should win. However, you never know...