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New Mexico El Caminos drive over hapless Utes


Vroom! Vroom!


Okay, so that didn't go as planned. Or maybe it did. I don't know. I guess thinking maybe Utah could win on the road against New Mexico was just that - wishful thinking. In the end, the Lobos proved to be the better team and if there is one thing gained from this, it's that the spousal abuse rate in Albuquerque will decrease. For a day, anyway. 

This game was lost in the second half. After cutting the New Mexico lead down to five, Utah completely disappeared and the Lobos rolled to an easier than it probably might have been victory. It was another loss on the road and another loss to New Mexico in The Pit. 

Utah now falls to 1-1 in conference play with yet another tough road game coming up against UNLV on the 16th. Maybe they'll play better?