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King Zombie Steve Fisher leads his band of the undead to victory over Utah

Remember when I said a win over the Aztecs could establish consistency? Yeah, it ain't happening. The Utes lost, at home, to San Diego State. It was another poor-effort-after-surprise-win and pretty much signals this season will be an up and down affair. I had hoped to avoid this - but that doesn't look possible.

Maybe I shouldn't give up on them just yet and they did make a nice comeback at the end to almost win it (Carlon Brown's desperate heave at the buzzer missed). But we're at the point in the season where you pretty much should be getting an idea of what to expect for the final two months. And right now, it looks like a season filled with giant steps in either direction. 

But that's what rebuilding is all about, right? 

Tough home losses, though, are hard to swallow. Utah won't have many chances for victories and they blew a good chance tonight. 

So much for building on that UNLV win.