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In Graham Watson's world, TCU had a better decade than Utah

More irrational goodness from the keyboard of Graham Watson!

Yesterday she ranked the best non-BCS teams of the decade and today she ranked the best non-BCS programs of the decade.

Her number one I have no issue with. Prior to this season, you could have made a claim Utah had an overall better decade than the Broncos. Not anymore.

But TCU over Utah? Are you f'n serious?

Her reasoning?

They've produced one undefeated regular season. Actually not bad. Except Utah, in the same span, produced two undefeated seasons. That's not just prior to their bowl game - that's overall. They also did something TCU failed to do in the Fiesta Bowl: they won a BCS bowl game - twice!

The Frogs? Sure, they've strung together a bunch of really good seasons. But they haven't tasted greatness yet. The Utes have done it twice.

For that, I see no rational reason to put them over Utah.

Am I just bitter? Na...