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Brown's late three lifts struggling Utes over LSU

Happy Sunday! Hopefully you had a good weekend. The Utes certainly did. 

I was skeptical of their chances yesterday and was surprised to see they had actually won. Most of that skepticism, however, came because Jay Watkins missed the game due to the death of his step-father and the questions surrounding Brown - who was a game time decision. 

Glad he played.

Anyway, this is another big game the Utes can build on. They've had chances all season and seem to revert to their old selves - but I think this could be different. I say this because conference play opens Saturday at home against TCU and a win there would solidify the team's longest winning streak of the season (three, compared to two reached twice earlier in the year). 

I have said it was important Utah gained momentum heading into Mountain West play and I'm happy to see they've done that. But momentum only gives you an advantage and it doesn't necessarily deliver you the results if you can't continue the progression. It's important the Utes not falter to a team like TCU - who right now look questionable at best. 

Good win on the road in SEC country. The Tigers are no slouch of a team and hopefully this means Utah is finally putting it all together before the most important two-month stretch of the season.

Fun fact: The Utes have now won three games against Power Conference teams (Illinois, Michigan and LSU). They took a Big 12 team - Oklahoma - to overtime before eventually losing back in December.