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Cougars dominate Utes in both acting and on the court

This game pretty much played out exactly how I expected. That's the bad news. The good news? We found out BYU basketball players are as big of pusses as their football brethren. 

Not like we needed a reminder of this, though.

The play, of course, came when Marshall Henderson successfully bounced the ball off a BYU player and was walking back onto the court when it appeared he gave Jackson Emery a 'slap' (read: bitch slap). He was tossed and the boos rained down from the crowd. Predictable. 

It certainly looked like something had happened between the two. However, the acting job Emery produced was worthy of an Oscar mention because it was down right beautiful how he sold what, in reality, was barely a tap. 

See for yourself...

Thanks goes to UFN's 89Ute

Hardly anything. And certainly not as bad as people made it seem. 

The loss still stings, though. Especially since Utah really only showed up for about five minutes of true game time. Outside of that, however, it was a blowout.