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And the greatest team in the history of the universe of the Mountain West is...


The Horned Frogs got bucked by the Broncos tonight in the Fiesta Bowl and showed the world that, outside of Utah, the conference still has a difficult time in big-time events. 

The debate prior to the game was that this could be the best team in conference history. No more. That debate died on the field in Glendale. They aren't worthy of even being considered along side the '08 and '04 Utes. Put that baby to rest right now and don't you dare discuss or debate it again. 

Anyway, how much does this hurt the Mountain West's image nationally? Lots of people thought the Frogs would beat Boise State and lots of people were proven wrong. 

Which means all the good will Utah created with their dominating win over Alabama in the 2009 Sugar Bowl is essentially undone by tonight's results. Pfft. 

Good game by the Broncos. I did think they would give TCU a scare - but I ultimately thought the Frogs were better. Obviously they weren't.