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Block U's BlogPoll Ballot

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We have a new number one for the first time since Boise State was atop my poll in week two.

I'm not buying Alabama deserves to remain in the top-ten. They don't. They have plenty of time to work their way back there, but if you lose, especially this early in the season, you should drop out of the top-ten. It's that easy. I don't care if it's by a point on a trick play as time expires. They're not undefeated anymore. 

Plus, South Carolina pretty much dominated the game. It was a blowout and when you're blown out, even on the road, you obviously should be bumped more than six or so spots. 

So 'Bama, say goodbye to your top-ten ranking for now. 

Entering the top-ten for the first time is Michigan State. The Spartans looked damn good in their win over Michigan on the road and deserve to be in the top-ten just as much as anybody. 

You'll also notice I bumped Utah up a spot. Yeah, I did it.

Other than that, only Arkansas dropped after a win. Sorry, Razorbacks, it was a tough decision, but I had to jump So. Carolina for their win and I still can't put Arkansas over Alabama, since they lost to the Tide at home. 

What do you think?