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USC athletic director Pat Haden: Pac-12 ADs vote for North/South split 7-5

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WeAreSC is reporting this bit of news about the Pac 12's north/south divisional split:

 PH "We’re going for the money, sadly, that’s what it is.  We need a conference title game.  I went to my first athletic directors meeting last week and we discussed expansion. We made a recommendation that passed 7 to 5 and the presidents of the schools will vote on it later this month.  There’s no guarantee it will pass, it was only a 7 to 5 vote, certainly not unanimous.  The alignment that got 7 votes was one that puts USC/UCLA, the Arizona schools and Col/Utah in the same division.  I told them my alumni will kill me if we don’t play the Northern California schools and have the weekender every year.  I proposed a 5-2-2 model that has us playing the five schools (UCLA, AZ schools and Co/Ut) every year and then have the Northern California schools as part of our regular 2 and then rotate the other two.  We need to play Stanford and Cal."

Unless something unforeseen happens, it looks like the conference will vote next week to split the Pac-12 into two divisions: North & South, while putting Utah and Colorado in a division consisting of the SoCal and Arizona schools. 

Anyway, we'll know officially next week - but it all seems like a formality at this point.