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Pac-12 announcement today

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Larry Scott and other Pac-12 officials will meet and announce today the plans for next year's upcoming expansion. Included in those plans are the creation of two divisions. It is believed Utah, along with Colorado, will join Arizona, Arizona State, SC and UCLA in the Pac-12 South. 

After a vote by the university presidents (Michael Young is in California as we speak), the Pac-10 will hold a press conference announcing their plans. This happens at 12:30 Salt Lake City time and the press conference can be viewed at the conference's official website.

What to expect from the announcement: 


  • Equal revenue sharing after the conference's total revenue reaches the threshold of $170 million. Until then, SC and UCLA will make $2 million more than the other schools. Larry Scott believes this threshold will be met rather quickly when you factor in the television deals and the upcoming conference championship game. 
  • The creation of a conference championship. While the conference continues to nail down a location, Pac-12 officials will announce that the highest rated seed (and tie-breaker winner if needed) will host the conference championship game in 2011.
  • A nine game conference schedule.
  • A North Division including: Cal, Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, Washington and Washington State and a South Division including: Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, SC, UCLA and Utah. 
There might be more developments, but this is just what we've heard. We'll see, though.