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Second best offense in the nation? Utes wreck Rams

I said in the preview I expected Utah to come out and dominate to the point where I predicted a 58-10 win. 

The Utes won 59-6 - putting together their best overall performance of the season.

This offense is good. When they're clicking, I believe they are pretty much unstoppable. Yes, it's just CSU and yes, they've yet to be truly tested. But I don't care how many supposed bad teams you beat, producing an average of 48 points per game seven weeks into the season is extraordinary.

The Utes have now scored 50 or more points in four of their last five games. The last time they did that was at the end of the 2004 regular season.

That's how good Utah is. 

Tonight, even in the rain, they produced a great performance. Jordan Wynn, after throwing three interceptions in a lackluster 30-6 win over the Wyoming Cowboys last week, was 23-29 for a blistering 321 yards and three touchdowns.

The Utes amassed almost 650 yards of total offense. They held the Rams to only 214. Utah also continued their strong second quarter play, outscoring Colorado State 17-6. 

But it was the third quarter that was most impressive. Utah blew open the game early there and extended its lead to 45-6 heading into the fourth. 

All around, an extremely impressive day. The lone negative was Shaky Smithson's fumble, which led to 3 Ram points. But he sure redeemed himself the remainder of the game. 

Now I'm gonna go dry off and drink some Irish coffee.