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Block U's BlogPoll Ballot

This week's poll saw a lot of shifting. Which is good, because we're now watching the contenders separating from the pretenders. 

After their impressive win over Stanford, I moved Oregon into the second spot, which means I dropped Ohio State to third. The Buckeyes didn't look all that impressive in their win over Illinois this weekend and they'll certainly have to improve their play if they have any chance of playing in Glendale for the national championship. 

I also flipped TCU and Boise State. The Broncos won 59-0 and that was a far more impressive win than what we saw from the Frogs over CSU. TCU is still a good team, but they don't look anywhere near as invincible as they did a year ago. The Broncos? Well, they certainly did against the Aggies of New Mexico State. 

Other than that, Utah stayed at sixth, Auburn moved to 7th, Nebraska to 8th, Oklahoma to ninth and Arizona tops out the top-ten at tenth. Florida and Stanford fell out of the top-ten after their losses Saturday. 

Like always, if you feel I'm wrong about one team or a cluster, post your thoughts and we'll work together to create a pretty spiffy poll!