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This is it, everyone - we really need you!

This is the biggest game in the history of Utah football. It's the biggest college football game to take place inside the borders of Utah. Hyperbole and platitudes aside - this is a huge game. 

Utah needs to win it and more importantly, we fans need to bring it. 

That could prove to be the difference in a close contest. It could be the difference between an undefeated season and a trip to the Las Vegas Bowl. It could be the difference between maybe, maybe crashing the title game or ho-humming it through yet another pre-Christmas bowl game. 

This is the difference between greatness and just pretty good. We had pretty good last season and while it wasn't terrible, I know we Ute fans want more. 

Win Saturday and we'll get that. TCU is the biggest thing standing between Utah and its third undefeated regular season in six years. 

So we must bring it Saturday.

It starts with ESPN College GameDay. The largest crowd ever at a GameDay event was 18,000 and that happened earlier this season at Missouri. We need to break that record. I damn well know there are 18,000 Ute fans out there. Don't just sit on your couch in your undies watching it on television. Come experience it. As someone who was there in 2004, you won't regret it. 

At the game, I want your asses in the seat by kickoff. There is no excuse to be wandering in midway through the first quarter. This game is one where the intensity will be off the hook and the more noise we make and the harder we throw our support behind Utah early, the better they will perform. Nothing is worse than the team coming out of the locker room to a half-full stadium. We need to be cheering them from the start. All 45,000 of us - no exceptions! 

Be loud. Be loud. BE LOUD.

I don't care if you have to stop talking for the rest of the week just to save your voice. If you feel you're not going to have enough in your lungs to belt out the noise - shut yer trap and conserve it. Make Rice-Eccles Stadium rock like no other. I want that stadium to sound like it did when Brian Johnson found Freddie Brown for the game-winning touchdown against TCU in '08 - but for the entire game. I want you all to leave hoarse and exhausted. If you're not completely exhausted by the end of the game, you're doing it wrong! 

Stand up and don't relent. Never. I don't care if it's first, second or third down. I don't care if the old lady behind you nicely taps you on your shoulder and tells you to sit. Get her up, too! Even if you have to prop her up. Everyone should be up for this game. Not just on third downs. I want you all jumping and shaking and screaming. Make it hell for TCU. 

Above all, though, have fun. Soak this week up because this is a truly great moment. GameDay, top-five teams, BCS implications - it doesn't get much better than this. So relax a bit and enjoy it. Yes, we're all going to be a nervous wreck this entire week. Yes, we might not have any fingernails left by the time Saturday's game rolls around. But the epicenter of college football this week will be right here in Salt Lake City. 

Let's prove we're the best and loudest fans in the country. More importantly - let's get behind our Utes and show the nation they are a legitimate national championship contender. 

Here we go. Get ready and LET'S GO UTES!