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Is Utah overrated?

I think it's a legitimate question. Utah is a top-ten team right now and their wins aren't all that impressive. In fact, you could make the argument they've faced three of the worst teams in college football. That isn't much of a hyperbole.

However, does that make them overrated? This early in the season, it is pretty difficult finding a large enough sample size to determine which team is over-ranked and under-ranked.

In fact, when it's all said and done, the Utes will have a pretty respectable strength of schedule. They still face two teams currently ranked in the top-25 (Air Force and TCU), one that's currently ranked in the top-five (TCU) and seven either on the cusp of .500 play, at .500 or above .500 on the season.

Their schedule in 2010 will, when it's all said and done, closely mirror their schedule in 2008, with Pitt potentially being the difference maker - depending on how they finish.

Personally, I don't see anything from a lot of top-ten teams that suggests Utah doesn't deserve to be there. Certainly Alabama looks like the best team in the nation, but even the second best - Ohio State - had issues last week.

The good news is that I believe this Saturday will tell us if the Utes are deserving of their ranking. Iowa State isn't a great team, but it's against the BCS and on the road. A true top-ten team wins these types of games. If Utah is a true top-ten team, they'll do just that.

What do you think?