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Red Blood, Blue Blood documentary

The Utah-BYU rivalry will probably never be the same after this year and that makes what we're about to experience much greater than we could have ever imagined. 

When the Utes and Cougars meet again in 2011, it'll take place in September instead of November. Neither team will be in contention for a conference championship and an undefeated, BCS busting season (as was the case in 2004 and 2008) will have yet to truly transpire. 

These two teams won't be playing for end of the season glory and instead focused on creating early season momentum.

That's going to be a different experience. A really different experience.

Because of the change we're about to see from the rivalry, KUED decided this was the year to revisit what makes the Holy War so enjoyable.

At a special event on the 22nd of this month, KUED Films will be showing a documentary on the Holy War titled Red Blood, Blue Blood. 

The special event on the 22nd will be hosted at the Tower at Rice-Eccles Stadium and on hand will be former Utah head coach Ron McBride and his nemesis and friend, BYU legend LaVell Edwards. 

Admission requires a donation of $100 and you can sign up at their website. But for those who can't afford it or won't be able to make it, don't worry, you can still watch it on KUED when it airs on the 23rd at 7:00 on Channel 7. 

Of course, I doubt you'll be joined by Edwards and McBride in your living room.

After the jump, promos for the documentary. 

Red Blood, Blue Blood "The Rivalry" (via KUEDCHANNEL7)

RED BLOOD, BLUE BLOOD "The Rivalry" McBride and Edwards! (via KUEDCHANNEL7)

Red Blood, Blue Blood "The Rivalry" Prank of the Year! (via KUEDCHANNEL7)

Red Blood, Blue Blood "The Rivalry" Passion for the Rivalry (via KUEDCHANNEL7)