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Kyle Whittingham might've lost his team tonight

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Kyle Whittingham is a good coach. Kyle Whittingham has done some amazing things at Utah. But tonight, Kyle Whittingham lost his team. If you're a head coach, that is the most damning offense you could have and now comes the real fight - winning them back.

What transpired in South Bend tonight was ugly. It was pitiful. It was down right embarrassing. It was, dare I say, the most pathetically uninspired performance I have ever seen from the Utes. Yes, besting (worsting?) even the UNLV debacle. I would put this ahead of that nightmare because, after all these years, we were supposed to be beyond the blowout losses to inferior teams. 

Not tonight. No, tonight Utah was outclassed and outcoached by an Irish squad that clearly played with the heart needed to pull off the upset. Kudos to them. They came to play. Utah, however, did not and because of that, their season has gone from one with promise to one teetering on the edge of disaster.

Whittingham now needs to stop worrying about winning games and now focus on regaining his team. If he doesn't, the Utes will lose to San Diego State and BYU - and that will be the least of his problems.