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Utah-BYU Rivalry Week Food Drive

Note: My father passed away Sunday morning. There will be a lack of updates on Block U over the next few days as we deal with his passing and prepare not only for Thanksgiving, but his funeral. I know with this being Holy War Week that interest for Utah football is extremely high. For that, I am sorry. I do ask that if you have any ideas, memories and comments you'd like to share on the Holy War, that you do so in the FanPost section and I'll front page those thoughts. 

I thank you for understanding and GO UTES! 

With that personal message out of the way, the annual Utah-BYU rivalry week food drive is underway. Let's win this too! 


Donate to the Utah/BYU Food Drive

The U.S. hasn’t seen an economy like this since the 1930s, and the Utah Food Bank hasn’t seen demand like this since its inception. So, during the buildup to this year’s Utah-BYU football game, let’s build up the stocks at the Food Bank. Here’s how you can help during the Rivalry Week Food Drive (from November 12-27): 

Here’s how you can help during the Rivalry Week Food Drive (from November 12-27):

  • Donate canned food and other nonperishable food items at the Alumni House, 155 S. Central Campus Drive; or the University Development Office, 540 Arapeen Drive; or the LDS Institute, 1780 E. South Campus Drive. (campus map)

  • Bring donations (food, cash, or check) to the Utah-BYU football game at Rice-Eccles Stadium on November 27. Volunteers will be at the gates to collect your gift.

  • At the U Campus Store, purchase a Utah "U" for $1, make a monetary donation, or purchase a "Beat BYU" T-shirt for $15.

  • Make a monetary donation by clicking the link below, or in person at the Alumni House.

  • Check out the special Rivalry Week Food Drive online auction—new this year!—and bid on some amazing items. All proceeds go to the Utah Food Bank.


This year marks the end of an era. Next year, Rivalry Week will move to September, so please be as generous as possible this year!

For more information, call the Alumni Association at (801) 581-6995. Thank you!