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Unnoticed in Utah's win over BYU is a bit of program history

With their dramatic, come-from-behind win over the Cougars Saturday, the Utes won 10 regular season games - marking the third consecutive season they've won ten or more games in a season. That's a program record. Never before has Utah produced this great of a three-year stretch, as they're either assured of finishing 34-5 or 33-6 since 2008. 

As the team enters the Pac-12 next year, it's hard to expect a string of 10-win seasons. Only Oregon and SC have managed such a feat recently. 

But still, it's pretty cool how consistent of a program Utah's become under Kyle Whittingham. Our expectations, of course, were raised with that consistency - but I'm confident the Utes would not be in the position of joining the Pac-12 in 2011 if it weren't for that consistency. 

Will they win ten-plus next year to make it four straight? Probably not. But that shouldn't diminish their current streak.