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Reminder: Wear black Saturday

We've covered how everyone needs to get their butts out to GameDay Saturday morning and how you all best be in your seats by kickoff. But let's not forget to wear black. This is, after all, TCU's BCS funeral and it would be inappropriate to attend in anything but black. 

Am I right?

This is the third straight blackout for the football team and the first two proved to be a smashing success. Especially the one against TCU two years ago. I'm hoping the black clad crowd can provide similar mojo for this year's Utes. 

On the field, though, Utah won't be wearing their traditional black uniforms. They're doing something different. Something a bit more patriotic.

This season, the Utes will be donning their Wounded Warrior uniforms in support of our Armed Forces. 

Not a bad cause.

Earlier this week, players showed off the uniforms to the media and they looked pretty snazzy. 


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So don't forget, show up to GameDay at 6:00 in the a.m. (earlier if you can) and to the stadium by no later than 1:20. Then, when you're inside the stadium, scream until your vocal cords bleed. That's not asking for too much, is it?