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ESPN GameDay Primer

Okay, folks. We're on the eve of the eve of the biggest game in school history. This time tomorrow, we'll be laying out our outfits and planning our signs. Maybe some will have just come back from the stadium after watching the GameDay crew go live earlier in the morning (they're doing that from 10-12, so get up there if you can!). 

Either way, I'm guessing it's going to be a madhouse in the valley by Friday evening.

And I love it!

So if you are going to GameDay (or thinking of going), here are some things you should know...


  • Be there early! GameDay goes live at seven. You should be there by no later than six. Even then, it's probably likely you're not going to get a good location because the U has opened up part of the west parking lot for overnight camping. That begins tomorrow at six a.m., so you certainly should plan on arriving between 5 and 5:30 a.m. Saturday - if not earlier.
  • Have creative signs! Some great options were thrown out here at Block U and if you see something you like, go with it. 
  • Dress warmly. It's not going to be a typical cold November day, but it is still early morning and that means it'll be pretty frosty out there. Don't come in a t-shirt unless you know you can take the cold. We need as many fans looking as lively as possible on ESPN! 
  • Come, even if you're not going to the game. I know this is the hottest ticket in town (program history), but you can still take in the game experience. So even if you're watching the big game on your couch Saturday afternoon, still get down to the stadium and pack it in to show we've got some awesome fans. As I said earlier this week, you won't regret it
  • If you're going to the game and you're going to GameDay, it's probably best to stay around campus once GameDay wraps up. The show ends at 10 and Utah's game begins at 1:30. I feel like I'm lecturing now and I don't want it to sound that way, however, we need everyone in their seats by the time the players take the field. Everyone. Not just half the stadium. So to ensure that happens, it's probably best you stay close to the stadium. If you live outside the valley or in the south part of the valley, leaving and then returning could mean you're late for the game. We don't want any of that. Plus, tailgating will be going on all Friday night and all Saturday morning/early afternoon. Ute fans are some of the most hospitable fans I've met and they'll almost assuredly welcome you with open arms, even if you're a stranger. 
Get excited. Game day (and GameDay) is almost here!