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WHITCON 5: Texas DC Will Muschamp will be named Florida's new head coach

We can move down to WHITCON 5 for now, as it appears the University of Florida is set to hire Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp as their next head coach. 

This is good news on two accounts: 1) Florida now has its coach and that means the most lucrative job opening in the land has closed and 2) the hire of a coordinator essentially assures there won't be a head coaching vacancy at a top school. 

Of course, Muschamp was supposedly The Guy to replace Mack Brown when he retired at Texas - so it's entirely possible this move forces Brown into retirement and thus Muschamp takes over in Austin. If that happens, the Florida job will reopen and you've got to think Whittingham will once again get a look.

But for now, we're safe. 


You can breathe a bit easier, Ute Nation