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New Humanitarian Orleans Bowl game day open thread

There are too many bowls. 

But I'm not complaining because it's college football and Saturdays without college football is like Ireland without a dry Irish stout. 

It's just life. It's as much a holiday tradition as turkey, garish lights and creepy mall Santas. 

Today's games aren't important. They won't impact any national rankings and once Sunday rolls around, no one will remember who played whom in what bowl game. 

They're most likely background filler for all the Christmas parties happening this afternoon and evening. 

That includes BYU and UTEP, who are playing in the New Mexico Bowl. 

Neither team had an impressive season (both are 6-6) and the game will probably turn into a blowout because even a 6-6, fifth place Mountain West Conference team is far superior to anything the C-USA has to offer outside of UCF. 

Sorry, Miners, but you're not good. You're lucky to even be in a bowl game this year. And though I suspect most here will be cheering for you, it's hard to imagine a scenario where they even make it a game, let alone pull off the upset.

Though we'll see. They did lead Arkansas on the road 14-7 with about 9 minutes left in the first quarter.

Oh wait, then they fell down 52-14. Scratch that.

The other games really don't matter. They're like fruit cake. No one really cares about 'em, but they are always there. 

That doesn't mean, though, they can't offer up some exciting football. Sure, these other two bowls won't have the local interest like the New Mexico Bowl, but actually, in terms of good football and excitement, the Humanitarian Bowl might be the most entertaining game of the day. 

Northern Illinois, coming off their heartbreaking loss to Miami (Ohio) in the MAC Championship, looks to rebound against Fresno, who seems to own the most appearances in worthless bowl games over the last decade.

Hey, at least it's not Albuquerque, like the last two years! So maybe they do have a chance against a Huskies team that has lost its coach to Minnesota and lost its top-25 ranking. A win could push them right back into the polls. I doubt it'll bring their coach back, though.

Capping off the night is the New Orleans Bowl. Or the inbred-locked-in-the-basement brother of the Sugar Bowl. That pits Troy against Ohio.

Which I guess is fitting because Troy and Ohio are the rarely mentioned Rosemary Kennedy of their respective states - essentially hidden from mainstream life and an oft-forgotten school, unlike their big brothers the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Ohio St. Buckeyes

I guess that's not a great way to end the first night of Bowl-a-Palooza. But oh well. It's football and I'll take it.