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All right, let's dial it back a bit...

We've got to pace ourselves here, folks. There is a lot of time between now and the Las Vegas Bowl and at this rate, we're going to burn out by the time Monday rolls around. 

No more Boise State trollin'. It's not going to be allowed. It brings nothing to the discussion and just turns this site into a hate-fest and I don't want that. So if you're a Broncos fan and you want to come over here and attack the Utes and the state and our fans - don't do it. If you want to actually relax and have some fun, well come on over. 

But it seems we try to one-up each other in the flaming department and it deteriorates each post into an embarrassing mess. That drives away readers and we can't have any of that. 

So let's just have some fun. I don't care if you want to poke fun at some things that make our states and schools quirky. But let's keep it reasonable and not entirely personal, okay? 

Now join around as we sing our early morning singing song.